Reply To: Scala Scaletta 34

André Sant’Anna

`Hello everyone!

Finally I recorded a video with the Scaletta.
It is divided into two parts. In the first one I show the instrument with many angles and compare it with a customized Yamaha 32D. Unfortunately the camera did not focus properly, but you still can see the many details and get a good idea of the size of the instrument.

In the second part I play some melodies and chords in various regions of this melodica. It should be noted that I never opened this model of the video, nor to tune or clean it, because I acquired it in an excellent condition (the photos posted before are from another instrument, which I purchased with the purpose of having spare parts). The only issue is the notes D, D# and E, which need more air to produce sound, but which to me are ok.

Hope you like it!

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