Reply To: Improving the perception of the melodica


“interestingly, nearly always described as either a harmonica, accordion or concertina in any sleeve notes, so as not to put TV editors off using it!”

I think this deserves some further discussion Daren. I was thinking of starting a thread along those lines but I think it fits into this exciting and interesting discussion we are having here.

Part of the perception problem the melodica suffers with is one of identity.
In a recording mixed with other instruments and heavily processed can even we regular players be sure we are hearing a melodica instead of a harmonica, accordion, harmonium etc.
Much less the casual listener. They may barely be aware that they like the sound of a free reed instrument and not distinguish or care what makes the sound.

I’ve never actually heard anyone say they loved harmonica but hated accordions or any similar statement.
Certainly the visual appearance of a melodica rarely fails to illicit a response but if it’s just a recording I’ve seen far less, actually no-one say “Hey what is that instrument I hear?”

Likewise I don’t know what serious accordionists, harmonicists etc. think of us trying to take our instrument seriously? I would think an accordion player would say “You are only playing half the instrument. I had to learn all these buttons over here under my left hand.”

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