Reply To: Improving the perception of the melodica


In my two cents I should have clarified that when I mentioned the use of the melodica by a superstar, I was referring the use of the melodica in their production, though it would be great if a superstar performer would play one. The main goal we all have is to have our melodica considered a professional instrument and not just a toy. The more the melodica is heard or seen in any type of media, the more the melodica will become a common instrument and accepted. One has to consider that even instruments like Oboe, Bassoon or the Barritone which are professional instrument and used in many types of music, are not a popular instrument to the non musician and even some professional musicians that never played in an orchestra. If we are only seeking acceptance from our piers, then we must educate those in academia and production to the endless possibilities of the melodica. In my experience, the non musician has always been more intrigued and interested in the melodica than the professional musician. It always gives me a smile when I mention to new musicians I meet that I play the melodica, of course after they roll their eyes and hear the silly chuckle, how after they hear it, they almost always ask me “Hey man, where did you get that” it’s only time.

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