Reply To: Improving the perception of the melodica

Joanna Funk

A few years ago I played my Suzuki Pro 37 in a musical and people approached me in the car park afterwards to ask the name of that “lovely” instrument. These melodicas don’t look or sound like toy instruments. I love my recently acquired Hammond 44H and am serious about playing it as well as I can and letting people hear it. But I have to confess that I also LIKE having an uncommon instrument! When I mention I own a melodica, someone might say to me, “A melodica? You mean those things with a tube that you blow into and press little piano keys?” I just smile and say, “You WAIT till you hear mine.” And I like that, surprising people with our melodicas which look and sound beautiful. By the way, this website is so educational, and the opinions shared are just great. I feel privileged to be a melodica owner and part of this community. Makes me want to get better and better. Cheers.

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