Reply To: Improving the perception of the melodica


Here is my two cents on this subject. I believe that Melodica acceptance by the masses will come by way of the superstar performer that will be daring enough to try something different. It will not come by way of classical, Jazz or tradidional music performers but by the likes of performers like Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Arian Grande etc. When this happens all the naysayers will jump on the Melodica band wagon. Performers like Jon Batiste or your favorite unknown indie band do not have the comercial pop music pull to make the kind of statement that will draw acceptance to our beloved melodica. Yes there have been many artist that have used the melodica on recordings but to date, I cannot think of a number one hit in the pop charts that the melodica was used and that made a memorable impact to the production. It will come, the more the melodica is shared on You tube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, major performers will take notice and incorporate the melodica into their productions. So keep uploading your videos and always do your best to show that the melodica is a professional instrument with endless possibilities.

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