Reply To: Improving the perception of the melodica

Luis melodion

Hi bro, what you say is very interesting
As you say, I suppose we have to compose more pieces in which our instrument is the protagonist.

I think a festival is possible in the US or in Europe, especially in the US, because of what I’ve seen, the people of that country have big events on almost any topic. 🙂
However, in my country I do not think that is possible, at least for a long time, in my conservatory they laugh at me for playing the melodic because at least in Mexico the higher music schools are still very closed in their thinking, I do not know other countries but I suppose that the face that the teachers put on when they hear the word “Melodica” must be something similar:

I hope brands like Hohner, Suzuki and Yamaha will take a look at this forum and take all our opinions into account. 🙂
Good luck and if I can help you, contact me.

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