Reply To: Melodica Men


“But back to Gianluca’s original point, “Shall we talk about how heavily edited and overdubbed their videos are, while pretending to be playing live?” I have noticed this, and it is an issue – should you be deceiving your audience? In the classical world (where these two guys actually come from), it might be less acceptable to do this.”

Just so we aren’t misled about the classical world.
I have a buddy who works as a recording engineer in the classical recording field.
He spends far more time in front of the computer screen digitally editing than he ever does on the studio floor setting microphones.
He spends hundreds of hours going over scores and listening to tracks taking out bum notes and adjusting tunings on single notes till the artist deems it’s perfect. Overdubbing replacing entire phrases sometimes.
Removing breaths and mechanical instrument noises as well.
It’s too such a degree you might as well listen to a sequencer play it back.

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