Reply To: Suzuki B24 Bass Melodion – Gapping


Hi Gianluca, goo gone make a glue remover that works pretty good but you need to use very little and work it under the bladder slowly, to much and it can drip glue on other parts and then you have that to deal with. The first time I did this I use a knife but it had a burr on the tip and I scratched the finish under the bladder. This does not matter as it gets covered but I just don’t like doing that. You start by lifting a small portion of the bladder and then with a q-tip, wet the cotton head and rub the underside and it comes off cleanly. If you use an acetone and it drips on the plastic it will ruin the finish. The acetone works really fast, you just need to be very careful. I played the Hammond and Suzuki a very long time and no change as well.

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