Reply To: Yamaha Pianica 32A

Alan Brinton

MAJOR CORRECTION: I should have said Vinegar (white distilled) and water for the bath, NOT alcohol and water. Very sorry. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Alcohol for cleaning the keyboard, etc.

I do not have photos of disassembly of my Pianica 32A, but the blue reed chamber cover is the same in the original smaller key Pianica 32, and there are detailed photos of its disassembly on the first page of a thread devoted to it:

Yamaha 32 (vintage)

There are no clips. The blue cover has to be pried off if it cannot be pulled off; pry as gently as possible, using a knife blade or small flat screwdriver wedged under the edge. You can see in this photo that the white gasket material is laid down in white strips. It’s a harder material than the removable rubber gaskets on later melodicas and might have to be replaced. If you search around here for “gasket” or “gasket material,” you’ll find a lot of discussion about replacing gaskets and suggested materials. In general, I suggest thin (1/16″ in this case) adhesive-backed stripping.

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