Reply To: Hammond Pro 44H mic problem


Hi Joanna, I am glad you can use your Hyper with your setup.
It took me a while to figure out my setup. Something that helps me when I need a boost is an inline transformer I got from Gregg Myers.
He sold me a transformer which now makes it so I can hear the melodica through different amps and pedals without cranking everything up and getting tons of feedback.
The inline transformer is a 600 Ohm to 5Kohm impedance matching transformer. It is in 2 parts, a XLR male to 1/4 mono female adaptor, and a XRL female to 1/4 male line matching transformer. The first XLR male part says low impedance along the side.
Gregg has been consistently helpful.
When I use my audiobox, I don’t need the transformer.
I have found the Zoom stomp pedal – MS 50G – to be a fun, cheap pedal. I am a beginner, and it has many settings that aren’t too hard to figure out. You can make your own effects to match your melodica and playing style. And use it without the transformer.

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