Reply To: Yamaha Pianica P-37E – My Report

Alan Brinton

I’m about to make an important announcement. But first a couple of bad hole photos. The first is of the key pad hole of the low key (F3) of the P-37E, the second of the same for the high key (F6).

These show the true shape of the holes. It seems that the geometrically correct name for the shape shown in the second photo (same shape as the smaller holes in the middle) is a “general oval”, close relative of the “stadium oval” in which football games are played.

Again, on the hole strip there are three stages of holes corresponding to the P-37D/E’s three reed plates. The large holes for F3-E4 are the same same shape and size on both the D and the E models. On the P-37D, all the key pad holes are this same shape and size on the P-37D. There are three sets of holes with the P-37D. The mid-range holes (for F4-F5) are smaller and have the general oval shape, while the top end holes F#5-F6) have that same shape and are yet smaller. I’ll repeat my opinion that if this hole concept, which may be a good one, were fully applied, the size and/or shape of holes should morph gradually all the way up the keyboard.

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