Melodica Interest

  • What is a melodica?

    The melodica is a handheld musical instrument with a mouthpiece and piano-style keyboard. The player blows through the mouthpiece, and presses one or more keys on the keyboard to produce a sound. It sounds like a cross between a harmonica (mouth organ) and a piano accordion. The melodica is part of the ‘free reed’ family of musical instruments. How many keys does a melodica have? Melodicas typically come in two keyboard sizes: 32 keys: Starting…

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  • How I Came to Play Irish Melodica

    I can hardly believe I’ve been playing now for 10 years. It’s been quite a journey of discovery for me. I want to share how I’ve been learning to trust and follow my creativity and let go of outcomes. I’m learning to take risks, and just see what happens. I hope that you might also learn something from this. Maybe it will inspire you to set off on your creative journey. My Irish melodica adventure…

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  • The Melodica in Pop Music

    The melodica’s been around for decades, and ever since its inception in the late 50s, there’s been a steady demand for it’s quirky sound. Here’s a chronological look at the melodica in popular music from 1964 to today. Sounds like some of these players might have benefitted from the Melodica World’s article on tuning a melodica! 1964 John Lennon – Strawberry Fields Forever The first example shouldn’t strictly be in this list, but it was…

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