3D printed melodica – world’s first!

3D printed melodica – world’s first!


This melodica may look like a traditionally made musical instrument, but it was actually 3D printed in plastic, and sprayed silver to look like metal. The keys were coated with wood and ivory from a scrap piano to give it a curious vintage look.


“The melodica has always had great potential as a serious musical instrument, it’s just that they’re made for kids”, says maker, Daren Banarsë. “I started playing on one of these toy instruments, but it was frustrating. The notes wouldn’t play fast enough and the tone was shrill and inconsistent. I’d heard of 3D printing, and I thought, maybe it’s time to start exploring this amazing new technology”

Click here to read the blog and find out how it was made!

3D printed melodica

3D printed melodica

3D printed melodica

3D printed melodica



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    wow, very big respect.
    this unique beauty looks very good and sounds the same.
    You can be very proud, this is excellent work.
    Is it your favorite meldodica since you build it, or do you like an other model better?
    Thinking of creating a little series? demand would be high, i think.

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    Any plans to build these commercially? Any chances a guy can get the 3D Print files from you?

  3. Avatar

    …or would it be possible to get the .stl files?

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    Absolutely Amazing! Looks wonderful, sounds great. Is it possible to buy one? I’d love to!

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    Is it poss to make a Melodica with midi out?

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    It bothered me when he said usually melodicas are cheaply made with plastic for little children. Which is not true, they can be for anyone who wants it and the one I have is metal.

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    Lovin’ it!
    Sounds very nice! Did you print the reeds as well or you took it from an other Melodica?
    I’d like to know the breathing technic as well…

  8. Daren Banarsë

    Many thanks Evan! And thank you Karolyn, I had to look up the eidophone! What a fascinating instrument. Please build one 🙂 I tried 3D printing a few mouthpiece shapes first, and ended up choosing this style to make in wood because it was easy to make on a lathe. Let me know if you need any printing pointers…


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    hey there, Daren! as others have already commented, your creation looks fabulous and sounds fabulous! what an accomplishment! do you have plans for making/selling them? particularly fascinated by the mouthpiece shape (searching for mouthpiece options is what led me to melodica world). have been drawn to 3D printing possibilities for making instruments for a year or so (first off, an eidophone, for recreating voice figures a la Margaret Watts Hughes in 1885!). haven’t tried it yet. that’s a project awaiting my imminent retirement from teaching. you’re an inspiration. looking forward to reading the blog entries documenting your process. kudos!

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    Very impressed you 3D printed a beautiful melodica that sounds great! Loved the Irish tune you played too. Keep up the good work!

  11. Daren Banarsë

    Thanks for the kind words guys! It’s been great having your support along the way 🙂

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    What a great work of art! Looks fantastic and sounds very good; and then that ‘Banarsë’ logo – simply marvellous! BTW, again I have to admire your triple tongue and circular breathing technique.

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    Amazing! Suddenly out of the blue it’s done. Wonderful look and sound, and excellent work also on the video.

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    Looks fantastic. Sounds great. Well done!

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